We moved from Cheshire in 2009 to Staffordshire to a site with newly built facilities and an uphill all-weather gallop. However, whilst we benefited from these facilities and continued to win over jumps, flat and all-weather [23 winners and over £100,000 of prize money over 3 years] the difficult economic times meant that we were not able to expand to justify this bigger operation.

In 2012, when the opportunity arose to combine our operation with that of Paul Clarkson’s Lancashire Racing Stables it provided a solution. Together we have over 40 horses and similar facilities including an oval all-weather gallop on a sloping site in a stunning location on the edge of the Lancashire Fells near Garstang and the M6. We finished the move north consolidating our resources in August 2012 and had our first jump winner from the new yard on 21 August at Perth. Following up with wins at Bangor and Bath went on score three times in 15 days.

This web site will no longer be up-dated but will continue as an archive our news from 2004-2012. You can find full details of our current horses, performances & entries,facilities and the opportunities for becoming an owner or part owner at Garstang on the:

Lancashire Racing Stables Website

Why Richard Ford For Me?
Every horse is different and needs to be known individually and trained fed and handled accordingly to get the best out of him. That is why we have succeeded with horses that have not done well in bigger yards.